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"Last night I fell in love with your writing! It took me a total of three hours to read your book Lovin Mrs. Jones and once it was over I cried."
Vernique N. Jackson
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Lovin' Mrs. Jones: A Love Story - Available
What happens when you meet "the one" that's really meant for you... but not until you're about to say "I do" to another? Everything imaginable. And so the story begins of Gabriel Washington and Alexandria Jones - a story that you will never forget.

Invitations have been mailed, the church reserved - and Gabriel Washington, the soon-to-be groom, appears to have it all together. He's a strikingly handsome, financially secure, and spiritually grounded brotha only five days away from marrying his college sweetheart, Tracee Andrews. Despite her sharp tongue and sometimes manipulative ways, Tracee represents everything any sane man would ever want in a woman.

But as Gabriel soon discovers, the appearance of having everything is sometimes not enough. So when this undeniably 'together' brotha meets Alexandria Jones, a beautiful and soft-spoken woman whose marriage is on the verge of divorce, a mutual attraction quickly transforms Gabriel into a reluctant groom only days from saying "I do."

Now, Gabriel is about to risk a future he's somewhat certain of for a moment that may hold no promise. He soon finds that falling for a married woman in the midst of her own marital breakdown comes with serious consequences. Falling for her on the very week of his wedding creates even more drama for an already complicated situation. Add to the mix a bride-to-be with a few hidden skeletons of her own and a deception of the very worst kind.

As a result, lives will unravel and leave everyone involved on an emotional roller coaster ride filled with passion, betrayal, regret and consequence ó all ultimately resulting in an inescapable clash of spoken commitment and undeniable truth. Reminiscent of Love Jones and The Best Man (solid, sexy, urban), Lovin' Mrs. Jones is not your typical girl meets boy and they live happily ever after kind of romance. This story is undeniably different, heartfelt and captivating in every sense.
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No Love Left - Sequel (Coming Soon)
There were brief seconds of uncomfortable silence; the kind where it just feels like something is wrong. Itís quiet. Too quiet. And then, with the frantic opening of ambulance doors - "Black male, late thirties, broken collarbone, head trauma. He was unconscious when we arrived at the scene. B/P: 90 over 40. Pulse erratic." The paramedic frantically relayed the information to the waiting emergency room trauma team as accurately as he possibly could. They rushed him quickly towards the entrance doors of the ER. Slipping in and out of consciousness, he occasionally gasped for air as if it were his first - or maybe his last. The bright white light beaming directly into his eyes from the doctor's medical light burned. Oh God, he thought, feeling as if he was floating beneath the night sky while being wheeled inside. His heart raced with fear and his body shook with panic as his lethargic mind tried to make sense of where he was and what was happening here. Once inside, his gurney wheeled past a metal hospital cart and he caught a glimpse of his face. Or was it his face? The image he saw was unrecognizable - a stranger looking back at him for the first time. It was the constant sound of hysterical voices that echoed through the cold corridor that made him aware that he was losing the fight to remain conscious.

Barely able to make out the faces hovering over his aching body telling him to 'hang on' and 'you're gonna be fine', their words were of little comfort to his wounded spirit. Glancing up, he could see the anxiety and uncertainty in the eyes of those surrounding him. There was nothing in their facial expression that offered any reassurance. It wasn't long before the rhythmic sound of his breathing began to muffle all the extraneous noises. Things were getting quieter, for him at least, with his eyes half-massed. He was now reaching a point where he was beginning to feel alone with the soothing rise...
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